About Us

ACS Group Construction, established in 2005, is a highly dynamic and reliable company that specializes in the construction sector, particularly in residential construction, while keeping pace with and analyzing the evolving and changing global standards. Our goal is to leave the signature of ACS Group Construction on professional, high-quality, and secure buildings in the booming construction sector of our developing country.

With our experienced and solution-oriented approach in Urban Transformation Construction, we provide result-oriented solutions in various parts of Antalya, driven by our commitment to excellence and high-quality engineering knowledge, which is required for significant projects.

Our company takes advantage of its advanced corporate identity and approach while adhering to a corporate service concept from a customer satisfaction perspective. Located in the heart of Antalya, our company continues its activities with the aim of delivering distinguished projects in line with the understanding that Antalya is the most beautiful city in the world.

Guided by the principle that people are the most valuable resource, our company maintains its growth steadily without compromising on a reliable and honest service approach, united with all its employees. With each new project added to the portfolio of ACS Group Construction, the technical competence and capacity are enhanced.

Our company closely follows technological developments in Europe and the world, and with a policy built on seriousness, precision, reliability, and experience, we have provided services on thousands of square meters to our customers. We continue to uphold these principles in our services without compromising on them.

Vision & Mission

To design projects that add value to life and bring these projects to life. We move forward with the fundamental principle of honest work ethics, drawing strength from the past.

Our Principles

• Quality • Trust • Peace

• Customer satisfaction

• Openness to innovations

• Social responsibility awareness

• Respectability • Continuity

• Punctuality

• Corporate identity

• Consciousness of becoming a brand

With an understanding that aligns with these principles, we, ACS Group Construction, continue our work using the knowledge, experience, reputation, respect, strength, and experiences we have gained to build living spaces and share them with you.

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